The real reason you should improve teamwork

17 October 2018
17 October 2018, Comments: 0


There are many reasons why teamwork is important:

  1. Generate new ideas – Teams working together generate more new ideas than the same number of individuals working alone because they can build on each other’s ideas.
  2. Solve problems – Working with others of different backgrounds and experiences allows for more creative and quicker problem solving. Teams are more likely to solve the problems, and not their symptoms, because of the diversity of opinions and perspectives.
  3. Improve communication – When team members speak freely with each other without fear, then there are fewer assumptions and therefore, true communication occurs.
  4. Increase skills – Teams can learn from each other’s mistakes and experiences and therefore, new skills are added without each person learning the lessons individually (and at a higher cost).
  5. Reduce barriers – If an impediment to completing one’s job exists, the team can more easily find a solution to remove the barrier than someone working alone.
  6. Boost morale – Team members feel more motivated to contribute when they are working with others on a common goal. This sense of belonging and comradery increases morale.


However, the main reason to work in teams in the improved results that a team produces compared to individuals working separately. This is synergy, by leveraging the strengths of each team member we can increase the output of the team. This means that 1+1>2!

So if the “soft” reasons for working on improving teamwork don’t motivate you, then reaching and exceeding your goals should be a good motivation to “step up” your leadership.

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