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21 February 2018

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

21 February 2018, Comments: 0

  I should start a 12-step program for perfectionists. I have met many in my career. Perfectionists are afraid of taking action because they […]

20 January 2016

Train your brain to be more successful

20 January 2016, Comments: 0

  Do you want to be more productive at work this year? I listened to Shawn Anchor’s TED talk, The happy secret to better […]

18 February 2015

1 Simple Technique for Improved Productivity

18 February 2015, Comments: 0

  Is your life busier than before? Do you feel like you are on a treadmill? One way to slow down the treadmill speed […]

5 November 2014

A Misaligned Team May Damage Your Budget More Than You Realize

5 November 2014, Comments: 0

    It is budget time for David. He hates budgets. David is spending many long hours worrying about dollars and estimates. However, he […]

19 August 2014

Top Three Ways to Address Burnout

19 August 2014, Comments: 0

There are many ways to address burnout. If you are tired at work, not as productive, or feel like you are on a treadmill, […]