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23 January 2019

How a Recovering Perfectionist Finds Life Balance

23 January 2019, Comments: 0

  I call myself a “recovering perfectionist” because I am consciously reducing my perfectionist tendencies. Being a perfectionist put extreme stress upon my life. […]

10 January 2018

Tomatoes and Productivity

10 January 2018, Comments: 0

  I am easily distracted. Squirrel! I decided to try a simple productivity tool called “The Pomodoro Technique.” It is called this because the […]

1 February 2017

4 techniques to achieve work/life balance–or at least get closer!

1 February 2017, Comments: 0

  Do you feel out of control? Do you have difficulty balancing the different roles in your life? If so, you’re not alone – […]

25 January 2017

The early bird gets the worm and makes better decisions

25 January 2017, Comments: 0

I am not a morning person. I don’t understand people who naturally wake up at 5 am and brightly proclaim, “it’s the best time […]

18 January 2017

3 bad habits that are holding us back

18 January 2017, Comments: 0

  The beginning of the year is an exciting time for me. A time when I can plan and dream about the goals I’m […]

11 January 2017

Little changes mean big gains

11 January 2017, Comments: 0

  It is the beginning of a new year. You could make lots of New Year’s resolutions and update your strategic plan with many […]

4 January 2017

8 Traits for Success

4 January 2017, Comments: 0

  It’s a new year, and most of us start out with great hopes and expectations. If you want to be successful this year, […]

1 June 2016

What I Wish I’d Known in University

1 June 2016, Comments: 0

  Earlier this year, I was a panelist at a Business Executive Networking Night at the University of Calgary. I fondly remember my university days, but I […]

24 February 2016

Feeling Stuck? Take Action!

24 February 2016, Comments: 0

  I met Chris for coffee. (Not his real name.) He was complaining that he felt stuck in his job. I asked him if […]

17 February 2016

3 Tips for Falling in Love with Your Current Job

17 February 2016, Comments: 0

  Bored? We all get a little bored with our jobs after awhile. This is normal! When you got this job you loved it. […]