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8 November 2017

What’s the best mindset for leaders & entrepreneurs?

8 November 2017, Comments: 1

  I am being interviewed as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week on the Entrepreneur Mindset. As I thought about it, there is no difference between […]

11 October 2017

Team effectiveness: it’s not all fun and games

11 October 2017, Comments: 0

  When I first started working with teams I was often asked, “will we be doing trust falls?” I always answered in the negative […]

28 June 2017

4 Top Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

28 June 2017, Comments: 0

  Without the assistance of a business coach, a leader’s career and skills can stagnate. “People plateau because they don’t know what they don’t […]

3 May 2017

A 3-step guide to practical systems thinking

3 May 2017, Comments: 0

  Systems Thinking is useful when we understand and apply the basic concepts. Leaders who are strategic thinkers remember the Systems Thinking principles and […]

19 April 2017

5 signs of burnout – act before you are crispy around the edges

19 April 2017, Comments: 0

  Burnout grows slowly. Its slow creep is hardly noticeable and suddenly you are “crispy around the edges” – not in full burnout, but […]

29 March 2017

Passive-Aggressive – Tackle or run-away

29 March 2017, Comments: 0

  I was talking with some business owners recently about a passive-aggressive employee. While it is easiest to ignore the behavior, it takes a […]

4 January 2017

8 Traits for Success

4 January 2017, Comments: 0

  It’s a new year, and most of us start out with great hopes and expectations. If you want to be successful this year, […]

30 November 2016

Systems Thinking Rides to the Rescue!

30 November 2016, Comments: 0

  With an astonishing 75% of major change efforts failing to achieve their intended results, what can you do to be in the successful […]

23 November 2016

The Magic Skills of Strategic Leaders

23 November 2016, Comments: 0

  Strategic leaders see things differently from average leaders. They have an additional set of skills – skills of being strategic. So you are […]

16 November 2016

You only grow outside your comfort zone

16 November 2016, Comments: 0

  “Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.” – Caroline […]