Strategic Planning

Create and Implement Realistic Strategic Plans

Strategic Planning is defined as the process used to create strategy, or direction, and make decisions on allocating resources to pursue this strategy, including capital and people.

Our Strategic Planning process is based upon our Systems Thinking Approach®, which starts with where you want to be as an organization and works backwards from that point. Our unique process includes:ABC-Model Simplified

  • Creating realistic plans for organizations, departments and teams ensuring the future external environment is considered
  • Measuring progress towards the ideal future, not just measuring activities
  • Increasing employee & stakeholders buy-in by involving them in the planning process
  • Linking the strategic plan to the budgeting process so that strategy drives the budget, not the budget driving the strategy
  • Managing the challenges associated with executing the plan
  • Using understandable documents to communicate & regularly monitor progress
  • Cascading to all levels of the organization
  • Ensuring employees understand the plan and tie it to their daily work


I tailor the Strategic Planning process to the size and complexity of your organization. It is the same basic process but with the appropriate level of detail and time commitment. I can facilitate the strategic planning process; deliver training in strategic thinking, strategic planning & implementing strategy; and provide business coaching throughout the strategic planning and execution process.

For executive coaching or training on Strategic Planning:


Valerie’s work with our administration and Council has been extremely helpful in fostering and implementing a direction with Council and Staff that we fully participate in and adhere to.

Sharlene Brown - Mayor, Town of Black Diamond