Strategic Management

Strategic Management is the application of Systems Thinking to Strategic Planning and Strategic Change Management.

It includes being strategic in both your planning, and managing the changes associated with implementing that plan throughout the year.

Systems Thinking + Strategic Planning + Change Management = Strategic Management

Strategic Management can be used at organization, department, and team levels. Strategic Management gets your leaders, employees and key stakeholders aligned behind the same goals. These goals are cascaded to all levels of the organization to drive the day-to-day work. I work with you to ensure the structure, processes and reward systems support these goals, and you have the skills and knowledge to achieve sustained excellent results.

I can help you build a strategically managed organization by providing:

  • executive coaching to the senior leadership team
  • leadership coachingteam coaching to those involved in the implementation of the plan
  • business coaching to planning team members
  • training on strategic thinking, strategic planning & strategic change management
  • facilitation of strategic and operational plans


For executive coaching or training on Strategic Management: