Be Strategic

Being Strategic is about thinking ahead and considering current issues. Being Strategic means balancing the aspirations for the future with the limited resources and risks of today.

If you are being strategic then you are managing strategically – each day making decisions that move you closer towards your goals.

Strategic Management includes thinking strategically and applying that thinking to planning and implementing the associated changes.

Strategic Thinking

A high level way of thinking. A simple and holistic way of understanding how individuals, teams and organizations work. With strategic thinking you can step back and “see the forest,” not just the trees, and understand the relationship between parts of the system, between the parts and the whole system, and between the system and other systems.

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Strategic Planning

Create strategy and make decisions on allocating resources to pursue this direction, remembering both capital and people. Select the highest leverage strategies to solve problems and reduce costs. Develop plans that employees believe in and want to implement.

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Strategic Change

Effectively and strategically managing changes at the organization, department, team and individual levels. Be prepared for changes instead of letting them “swamp” you. Successfully implement strategy and ideas. Create high-performing teams. Influence and communicate effectively. Fine tune leadership skills. Align employees.

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