Staying Relevant in a Changing World

28 November 2018
28 November 2018, Comments: 0


This morning I talked with a CEO about organizations and vision. We discussed that different leaders are needed at different times in the organization’s cycle. A visionary is needed at the beginning to create the story that draws people in. Then a great operations person is needed to make sure that the ideas are put into place.

Once the processes and systems are running smoothly, we need another visionary to keep the energy going forward, to rally the troops to move together and keep the organization fresh and evolving. And the process continues…

It is difficult for any one leader to be both a visionary who can create the picture of the future that compels investors and staff to buy in, and the person who ensure plans, processes and systems are in place to effectively achieve that vision.

If you aren’t a person with both sets of skills (and few of us are!), what do you do in your organization? This is why you need to form a leadership team with a variety of skills. This diversity of abilities, backgrounds and experiences will help the organization stay relevant in a changing world.

Do you have a strong leadership team? Do you want them to be even stronger? Let’s talk:

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