I offer business training services in Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning and Strategic Change.

Strategic ThinkingSystems-Thinking-Approach

Strategic thinking involves seeing the big picture and getting out of the details; learn to solve problems and reduce costs.

Current Strategic Thinking workshops include:

  1. Thinking Strategically – You will learn ten everyday tools for strategic thinking that you can apply to work situations. Walk away with a set of practical tools, tips, and techniques to use Systems Thinking strategically in your daily work and daily life. (1 day)
  2. Strategic Thinking for Leaders – “Strategic Thinking for Leaders” arms attendees with an extremely effective and valuable tool for making complex decisions. Strategic thinking is the ability to see the total enterprise, spot trends, align key stakeholders, and lead the organization into the future.  Leaders who are strategic thinkers are better at anticipating the short and long-term effects of decisions through challenging assumptions, weighing risks and learning from experiences. (1 day)


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for us includes both the creation and execution of realistic plans – for the organization, team and yourself; learn how to choose impactful strategies and ensure successful implementation.

Some Strategic Planning workshops are:

  1. The Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management – You’ll understand our comprehensive approach to strategic planning and change management. You will learn how to apply strategic thinking on a daily basis; the common mistakes of strategic management and how to avoid or overcome them; the importance of external environment scanning and how to do it; how to create your unique strategic positioning and use it for competitive advantage; how to set and use measures to ensure success; strategies for cascading strategic plans throughout the organization and aligning all work units in a single strategic direction; practical tools and techniques for making change stick; and how to create an ongoing strategic management system in your organization for long-term business success. (webinar, 6 sessions) Scheduled Spring 2016 & Fall 2016.
  2. Reinventing Strategic Planning – You will understand our comprehensive approach to strategic planning and change management. Change management ensures the strategic plan is successfully executed so that you can effectively address the near- and long-term needs of the organization. You’ll learn how to increase your chances of successfully implementing your Strategic Plan; create realistic Strategic Plans; get support from employees and other key stakeholders; ensure successful execution of the strategic plan; understand the implications of the external environment on your plans; measuring successful implementation; manage people and changes associated with Strategic Plan realization; think beyond today and see the connections and impacts to other issues and areas; and being consistent to your strategic goals and flexible at the operational level. (2.5 days)
  3. Master Class in Reinventing Strategic Planning – Attend a week-long immersion and boot camp, to demonstrate your mastery of strategic thinking applied to strategic planning, and acquire more in-depth knowledge and competency. Scheduled January 2017
  4. Get Me Off the Treadmill! Life Planning – Do you feel like you are “on the treadmill?” That life is going past at high-speed and you aren’t in control? This workshop is based upon my “Get Me Off the Treadmill!” life planning book. You will achieve the clarity you want in your career and life – to slow the treadmill and dismount into the extraordinary life you dream of living. (3 days)


Strategic Change

Changing strategically crosses multiple areas including learn to successfully implement plans and ideas; manage change; create and manage high-performing teams; fine tune leadership skills; align employees with goals; improve communication; hire the right staff; and influence the right people.

Some of my change workshops are:

  1. Strategy Implementation – Learn what to do after a strategic plan is written. You will gain the knowledge and skills to apply The Systems Thinking Approach to the implementation of your strategic or business plans. (webinar, 6 sessions) Scheduled Fall 2016.
  2. Leading Strategic Change – This workshop immerses participants in the change process.  Learn about change and how to use it to drive new business strategies and initiatives. Realize how to accelerate change in the organization and minimize the impact it has on employees. (2.5 days)
  3. Thriving During Change – Learn how change impacts your organization and build action plans to move yourself, your staff and the organization quickly and effectively through the change. These change concepts will make you a better employee, leader, volunteer and family member. (1 day)
  4. Interviewing Skills – This workshop focuses on giving you the skills you need to bring the right people into your organization – the people that are going to fit in and have your values, but also be different enough to have creative ideas, a new perspective and add value. This is a time when we need to fully understand the candidate pool – the different cultures and generations you could interview. You will learn how to conduct effective behaviorally based interviews to bring the right person with the right skills into your organization. (1 day)
  5. Effective Communication – Regardless of the size of your organization effective communication skills are essential for success. Effective communication is about sharing your message clearly and unambiguously. It’s also about receiving information that others are sending to you, with as little distortion as possible. Unfortunately, often communications are not clearly understood and the resulting misinterpretation can cause confusion, wasted effort and missed opportunities. In this workshop, participants will learn and practice how to communicate more effectively. (1 day)


We can be a cynical bunch, but we agreed that this was a terrific course. To have success in learning one needs a good instructor – your knowledge and methods made it a pleasure to attend.

Russ Bayley - Area Production Coordinator, Encana Corporation