My facilitation services help the group understand their common objectives, assist them in planning to achieve these goals, and enable the group to work together more effectively. As a facilitator, I am “content neutral,” so I can focus on ensuring maximum participation, keeping the discussions moving towards the session’s goals, and striving for consensus on issues.

Valerie-Macleod-Systems-ThinkingI have been facilitating for most of my career – with insight and humor I encourage, guide, and lead the group.

I balance process (what we are doing), content (what we are saying), and structure (how we are working together) to achieve extraordinary results.

I can help you:

  • Get all staff working in the same direction
  • Solve problems
  • Determine next steps to take
  • Reduce confusion
  • Improve communication and teamwork
  • Reduce costs and achieve targets
  • Create realistic, well-researched, implementable plans

I offer facilitation services in strategic planning, operational planning, teambuilding, managing change, strategic thinking, problem solving, improved relationships, enhanced communication, leadership development, training, and alignment.

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Without your work with our committees we would not have the same level of success!

Carl McDonnell - Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Carstairs