Most of the work in organizations is delivered by teams.

The team could be a work team, a project team, or an executive team – when the team works well together the results are more than the sum of the individuals working separately. However, when a team does not function effectively, performance and productivity both suffer.

Business team coaching moves beyond coaching individuals to looking at the team as a distinct entity or system.

Is team coaching right for your business?

Coaching the team as a unit successfully tackles some of the common ailments that plague organizations:

  • Lack of productivity and creativity
  • Ineffective or toxic communication
  • Low team morale or burnout
  • Conflict avoidance and non-resolution
  • Confusion about roles on the team


Business team coaching may be appropriate when:

  • New teams are formed (intact, virtual or project teams)
  • New leadership comes on board
  • A roadblock is encountered
  • Performance is not meeting expectations
  • Roles are altered because of organizational change
  • Teams are operating in silos
  • Organizations want to maintain performance at an the extraordinary level

My business team coaching leads to enhanced team productivity, positivity and performance.

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