Valerie MacLeod Facilitator Coach Trainer

Valerie MacLeod Facilitator Coach Trainer

Does your business have these problems?

  • Missed financial and operational targets
  • Staff working in different directions
  • People “burnt out”, “stressed out” or “on their way out”
  • Unclear picture of the future
  • Stressed leadership
  • Unresolved issues
  • Difficulty coping with change
  • Communication needs improvement
  • Unsure of next steps to take
  • Dissatisfied management, customers or stakeholders


My business coaching is designed for developing and refining leadership skills. I am a certified leadership coach and team coach. In many cases, the team or leader have technical skills that got them to their role, but they haven’t been given the training or coaching in leadership skills. This is where I come in!

I tailor our Systems Thinking Approach® to Coaching for each leader and team. I provide clear and thoughtful guidance, feedback, support, instruction and encouragement to help my clients fine tune their leadership abilities and achieve financial and operational goals. Asking insightful questions, challenging behaviors and giving honest feedback helps individuals clearly see what they are doing (or not doing) and thus, can choose to make meaningful change.

Because of my significant experience facilitating teams and my certification in Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching, I coach both teams and individual leaders who are struggling to get everyone pulling in the same direction. This distinguishes me from other coaches who coach solely one-on-one.

Areas of coaching focus include:

  • Improving communication with staff, leadership and stakeholders
  • Motivating and influencing
  • Creating and executing strategic plans
  • Managing conflict
  • Achieving financial and operational targets
  • Developing and improving relationships
  • Leveraging change
  • Effectively leading teams
  • Thinking strategically


I learned great practical tools with immediate applications that I will continue to apply.

Les Kende - Managing Director Acquisitions & Divestitures, AltaCorp Capital Inc.