Get Me Off the Treadmill


Practical, easy to follow examples and questions to define the life you want to live – all the aspects of life. Create a sure-fire way to living the extraordinary life you dream about!


“Get Me Off the Treadmill!: Using Everyday Magic to Live an Extraordinary Life” is different from other life planning books because it uses stories and informal writing to guide the reader to complete exercises to help define and live an extraordinary life. It was recently updated to include even more examples and stories!

This is the process that I followed to change my life, to get out of working 9-5 and doing what I enjoy doing – facilitating, coaching & training on my own schedule.

Do you want to do more with your life? Do you want out of a rut? “Get Me Off the Treadmill!” is aimed at individuals who want to live a more purposeful, exciting life. The workbook uses examples and exercises to get the reader to define what an extraordinary life would be like for them and then create a tracking system and actions for moving forwards. It will help guide many people to live their lives with more joy and more intent. By impacting the lives of adults I have never met I can also impact our communities as an extension.

I have also included my “Extraordinary Life Plan” in the appendix to give the reader an illustration of the plan they are creating.


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