Destination Thinking: A Business Planning Guide


Destination Thinking: A Business Planning Guide is designed as a how-to “survival guide” and step-by-step primer. It is utilized for developing & implementing 3-year business plans using the Science of Systems Thinking and our copyrighted Systems Thinking Approach®.

If you are a leader of an organization, a senior manager or a functional leader, this practical guide will help you create and execute operational plans. Ensuring success in both the short and long-term!


Finally, a book that teaches Business Unit Heads, and Leaders of Staff Units how to do their own Strategic Planning. Learn how to do this within your organization’s overall Strategy and Direction to clarify alignment and develop your competitive advantage.

This business planning guide is created for progressive leaders in all sectors. Learn how to develop 3-year plans – how to think, plan & execute for success in your business unit, government program or functional support area.

You’ll receive practical tools applying The Systems Thinking Approach® at all levels of your organization.

Investment: $24.95 USD, $31.25 CDN


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