50 One-Minute Tips for Leaders


Guide to Success Leadership

Quick, easy tips to daily being a better leader. Want to be a better manager? Want to progress in your career? 50 One-Minute Leadership Tips is for you!

Learn new strategies on making a difference in your organization. Refresh your memory on the right reaction in difficult situations. 50 One-Minute Leadership Tips is the place to start. All in a short time!


A Quick & Easy Daily Guide to Successful Leadership

If you are looking for some fresh ideas on how to make a bigger difference in a leadership role in your life, 50 One-Minute Leadership Tips is just the thing!

Whether you want to simply refresh your memory about strategies that work…or you are looking for a new idea, 50 One-Minute Leadership Tips is the place to start.

Learn how to:

  • Use the ABCs of Leadership everyday Manage the “change process” 
  • Successfully master key communication, coaching and conflict management skills 
  • Use the Six Natural Levels of Leadership Competencies to advance your leadership career


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