Systems Thinking - Systems Thinking Approach® to planning

8 April 2013

The organization is a living system, not a machine

8 April 2013, Comments: 0

Patterns of living systems surround us, but what does this mean to strategic planning? Michlle Holliday in a TED talk outlined living systems. At every […]

27 September 2012

Background of Systems Thinking

27 September 2012, Comments: 0

Systems Thinking has its roots in the Universal Laws of Living Systems on Earth, ecology and biology. Ludwig von Bertalanffy is the founder of general […]

20 August 2012

Applying Systems Thinking Today

20 August 2012, Comments: 0

The concept of Systems Thinking was created over fifty years ago by Austrian Ludwig Von Bertalanffy. Systems Thinking is an old/new orientation to life.  It […]

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