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3 December 2013

10 Common Problems in Team Meetings

3 December 2013, Comments: 0

Not staying focused on the purpose of the meeting. Often people do not stay focused because there is no clear objectives on which they […]

9 September 2013

Three ways to lose your fear of feedback

9 September 2013, Comments: 0

Recently I met with a leadership team to discuss Strategic Thinking. Many of the leaders admitted they did not ask for feedback, some were honest […]

11 February 2013

How to improve team meetings

11 February 2013, Comments: 0

Have you ever attended a meeting and in the middle asked yourself “Why am I here?” This is not uncommon. So that your meetings […]

15 October 2012

Inspiring communication

15 October 2012, Comments: 0

Inspiring communication starts with why – our purpose, our cause, our belief. Then followed with how we do it and finally what we do. However, […]

8 October 2012

Making assumptions

8 October 2012, Comments: 0

Leaders often assume that their team members all require the same amount of information. This is not true, especially when new members join the […]