5 signs of burnout - act before you are crispy around the edges

19 April 2017
19 April 2017, Comments: 0


Burnout grows slowly. Its slow creep is hardly noticeable and suddenly you are “crispy around the edges” – not in full burnout, but starting to sizzle a little.

How do you stop burnout before it impacts your life, your work and your health?

Know the signs of burnout:

  1. Physical and mental exhaustion – Watch for headaches, sleeplessness and lack of hunger. Make sure you exercise, get proper sleep, eat properly and set realistic working hours.
  2. Lack of enthusiasm – You drag yourself to work, you are cynical and irritable with others. Listen to feedback and try to find purpose in work and life.
  3. Detachment – If you feel disconnected from colleagues and work, talk with others and reconnect with why you work.
  4. Lack of concentration – Difficulty in focusing and mild forgetfulness could be signs of many conditions, talk to a doctor.
  5. Productivity loss – You are working long hours but aren`t reaching results like before. Access why.


Experiencing some or all of the symptoms of burnout is a warning-bell that you could be creeping towards burnout. Take some time to determine the level of stress in your life and generate strategies for reducing it before you are crispy. Consider scheduling more time with your family & friends, taking walks, meditating or listening to music. Take up an old hobby, join a sports team or volunteer. You could also talk with a professional before it’s too late!

Know the symptoms of burnout and act upon them before you are “crispy around the edges!”

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