3 Tips to Save Yourself from Bad Meetings

21 October 2015
21 October 2015, Comments: 0


Do you mindlessly accept meeting invitations? Are you not sure why you were invited?

By attending meetings that don’t add value you are letting people steal your time!

Here’s 3 tips to save yourself from bad meetings:

  1. Do not accept meeting invitations that have no detail associated with them.
  2. Check with the person running the meeting about the goals of the meeting and your participation.
  3. Model good meeting invitations: describe meeting outcomes, include the agenda, and invite only the people who are needed

Bad meetings occur because no one stops to ask the important questions: Why are we here? Why am I here?

If you take a Systems Thinking Approach© to meetings, you will start with those questions. And your meetings will be better. I promise!

This blog is based upon David Grady’s 6:40 minute video:


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