5 August 2015
5 August 2015, Comments: 0


At the Haines Centre for Strategic Management we don’t just help you create a strategic plan. We want you to successfully implement that plan throughout the year.

That’s why we talk about Strategic Management, not just Strategic Planning – Strategic Management includes applying Systems Thinking to Strategic Planning and Managing the Changes associated with executing your plan.

The 3 Goals of Strategic Management are:

  1. Achieve clarity of purpose & direction – ensure that senior leaders, middle management & employees support where the organization is going & why the organization exists.
  2. Ensure successful transformation – create the structures & processes so that you can implement the changes required of your strategic plan
  3. Sustain high performance over long term – learn how to keep your strategic plan updated, and use a system throughout the year to ensure you are leading using your plan


The result = sustained relevance & competitive advantage

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