Get Your People Pulling in the Same Direction

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Valerie MacLeod, MBA is an experienced Calgary Business Coach & Strategic Facilitator.


Want to be a better leader? Want a more effective organization?

Increased costs, missed targets, wasted resources, conflict between teams & individuals, poor communication, or lack of commitment to plans? It’s time to hone your leadership skills and enhance your organization.

I fine-tune leadership skills, improve communication and develop strategic thinking – in yourself, in other leaders and in teams. I offer business coaching for your team or individual leaders. Experienced with executive coaching, facilitation & leadership development, and a certified ORSC coach, I guide you to become the leader you want to be.

I help you to clarify your direction and align actions – so that you can develop and implement a realistic & supported strategic plan for your organization or department. I facilitate strategic planning and coach during implementation, to ensure your long term success.

I deliver effective training – so that your leaders and staff can quickly add value back at their jobs. I offer tailored training to help meet your organization’s targets.


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